Vulnerabilities in your print/copy fleet are becoming a common entry point for hackers on the attack. TotalPrint USA offers a full HP solution that utilizes the most secure printers in the world.

Here are three common ways that your network can be compromised by your Print/Fax environment;

  • B.I.O.S. attack -The printers B.I.O.S. can be come compromised and malware injected directly into the B.I.O.S. This is a relatively new attack vector and it would be a mistake to dismiss this very real vulnerability.
  • Firmware attack -The print device firmware is the operating system of the device and can be attacked by the embedded code of a routine print job such as a .pdf or other seemingly innocuous document.
  • USB threats- Another threat to your Print fleet is the open U.S.B. ports. Not only can these vulnerable ports be used to transmit malware, but they can also be used as an instrument to carry out costly denial of service attacks.

 By partnering with TotalPrint and using the latest in HP Inc. Enterprise Printer & MFP technologies, we can show you how you can mitigate these vulnerabilities and work with you to develop a cost-effective fleet implementation and management plan that will maintain budget integrity and help to reduce the overall workload of not just your I.T. staff but your entire staff.