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Secure Pull Printing at a Glance

Posted by HP on Apr 25, 2019 7:53:00 AM

A pull print solution reduces unclaimed print jobs and increases efficiency. Users can print to a secure network, authenticate with ease, and retrieve jobs when necessary, even on the go.

Solution at a glance

Reinforce security, restore control, reduce costs, and conserve resources. Secure Pull Printing helps protect sensitive documents and secure printing environments—all while increasing convenience for local, mobile, and remote users.
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Reduce the amount of unclaimed print jobs and control access to networked devices. Give users the ability to retrieve jobs when and where they need to by simply accessing a solution-enabled networked device. 


Enhance security

  • Set up a simple user authentication directly at the device, using HP proximity card readers, Image result for hp pull printingalpha-numeric personal identification codes (PIC), personal identification numbers (PIN), or smartcards.
  • Encrypt print jobs both in transit and on the printer's secure hard drive.
  • Double up on security—require employees to authenticate with two methods (proximity and PIN), using dual-factor authentication.

Safeguard and streamline

Store documents on your secure server hard drive and reduce the amount of managed print queues by allowing users to authenticate and release their specific print jobs from the print queue to any solution-enabled device on a network server or PC.

Reduce costs and unclaimed documents

Establish policies that promote responsible printing practices and help conserve paper and energy. Automatically delete unclaimed print jobs after a designated period of time.

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