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Adding Managed Print to the QBR Conversation

Posted by Dan Gayton on Jan 30, 2024 11:21:03 AM



Bringing up Managed Print Services (MPS) in your Quarterly Business Review (QBR) meeting as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) requires a strategic and client-focused approach. Here are some steps you can follow to introduce and discuss MPS during your QBR:


Assess the Print Environment

  1. Solve a Print Problem 
    Remove a non-performing competitor (IE Customer can’t get equipment or supplies, bad service, bad connectivity, non-responsive). You can save them and even buy out leases!

  2. Identify customers that are not under Managed print or a service plan for either printers or copiers. (Leases included) 
    - Most customers are under a Lease for Copiers and self support Printers. You can SUPPORT IT ALL! See how you can create an immediate cost savings for your customers and get them out of print. 

  3. Unmanaged Copier/Printer Endpoints – (Security threats to the network) 
    - Nearly all your customers will have vulnerable unmanaged print devices on their network. Our program fits all sizes and it eliminates potential threats on the network. Having trouble managing drivers? We have a plan for you. 

Address Print Pain Points

  1.  Explain how MPS can specifically address and improve current print challenges (Auto-toner, service improvement, cost savings, etc. ).

Quantify Cost Savings

  1.  Illustrate potential cost savings associated with adopting MPS. Nearly every customer you have will experience a significant cost savings by moving from what they do now, to managed print offered by your MSP.
  2.  Feel free to contact your sales support team to help prepare these numbers.


The managed print conversation can be daunting, don't let it be. There is always money to be saved by your customer and an opportunity for you to better serve. Them. 


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