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How to choose the best Managed Print Services Provider.

Posted by Steve Lastic on Jan 26, 2024 9:57:54 AM


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Let’s face it. When choosing a Managed Print Services Provider, just about any company can get the job done.  And usually at very competitive prices.  So, how do you choose the best Managed Print Services provider?



Simple.  Find the one who has the best service.  Service is critical to keeping your equipment up and running.  This is where most Managed Print Services Providers fail.   Any company can provide you with printers, copiers, and toner.  But when it comes to servicing them, that is a whole different story.

Most companies have a small tech force that only covers specific areas.  And when service is needed outside their service footprint, they outsource it to 3rd party vendors who usually send techs with much less skills and knowledge.  That’s why you will sometimes get a PC repair tech coming in and trying to fix a copier that they know nothing about.  These devices need special mechanical and technical skills and specific tools to perform service.  You need highly trained technicians with the right knowledge and skills to fix them.  Not just anyone can work on them.

The is where TotalPrint USA beats all the others.  Hands Down.  We have the largest service footprint in the industry.  Larger than anyone else.  As the Managed Print Services Division of DEX Imaging/Staples, TotalPrint USA has 46 offices (sales and service), and 66 service hubs throughout the country.   We stock our 50,000 sq. ft. warehouse with over $10 million in supplies and parts.  6 Regional supply warehouses, 9 Print Shops, & over 200 retail/Enterprise Tech locations.  DEX Imaging is the largest copier dealer in the country and Staples is one of the largest office supplies companies in the world.   We combine the buying power of Staples with the the service infrastructure and nationwide service footprint of DEX Imaging to give you the best Managed print Services in the country.

Our factory trained service technicians cover over 90% of the United States, including more rural areas such as Montana and North Dakota.  We come from a long history in the print world, founded and operated for over 20 years with over 2,000 employees.  Over 1/3 of employees are technicians – we are a service company.



We offer all the major brands plus many others.  No matter what manufacturer you prefer, we have you covered.  We are the largest partner with all the major manufacturers and get preferential treatment when it comes to being backed by the manufacturers.



If you want the best Managed Print Services Provider in the country, look no further.  You won't find anyone that even comes close to what TotalPrint USA can offer you.  Forget the rest and go with the best and contact TotalPrint USA today!!!


TotalPrint USA

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