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How to reduce your Help Desk Calls

Posted by Steve Lastic on Mar 27, 2024 2:46:27 PM


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Did you know?

Up to 50% of your help desk calls are printer related.  Since printers are mechanical devices, many of these calls require an IT person to go to the printer.  How would you like an easy way to get rid of all those printer related help desk calls?

By partnering with TotalPrint USA, we take all of these printer related help desk calls off your plate and let you focus on the more important stuff.   Instead of your customers calling your help desk for printer related issues, they can now call our expert printer help desk support team.  

In many cases, most printer related issues can be resolved remotely.  Our Expert Printer Help Desk Support Team fixes approximately 70% of printer help desk calls remotely.  For the other 30%, we send a factory trained technician onsite within 4 hours and get your customer up and running without you ever getting a call for support.

Interested in hearing more?  Check out our Managed Print Services Program for MSPs where you can take all these help desk calls off your plate.  Learn how to earn a monthly recurring revenue that lasts the life of the account when you offer Managed Print Services to your customers. 

Stop dealing with printer issues and partner with TotalPrint USA today.

Click the website link below to learn more.

Managed Print Services for MSPs


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