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Is your MPS taking advantage of your hospital?

Posted by Dan Gayton on May 8, 2019 2:24:14 PM

All too often we have new healthcare clients sign up for our Managed Print Services who have been taken advantage of through an existing copier lease.

 It's easy for you to recognize how important reliable printers and copiers are on the floor of your hospital. It's less easy for you to know the expectations that MPS provider should be upheld to. 

At Total Print USA, it is our goal to be the healthcare end to end solution for MPS. In order to help us attain that goal, we first need to educate people on the differences between a company who just wants to lease you equipment, and a company who wants to focus on providing the best service for a long term relationship. Don't sign another copier lease, take some time to explore managed print services and more specifically one that caters to healthcare. 

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To illustrate this further, we have made a list of the Top 5 Things You Should Know Before Hiring A MPS.

1- Find a vendor that support both printers and copiers - Choose a company that can support your entire fleet down to your smallest copier. This leads to HUGE cost savings, better control and accountability, and lessons the burden on your IT department. 

2- Watch for escalators - Demand a flexible no lease option or get stuck in a contract with very costly copies. Traditional copier leasing companies will hide "escalators" in your contract. This means they have the right to increase the cost of equipment and cost per copy annually. This isn't the only thing they hide in leases but the most costly. 

3- Be wary of "re-manufactured" toner and machines - Anything "re-manufactured" typically means it will need increased service calls and have more downtime. Demand new equipment and OEM toner right from the beginning. 

4- Choose a secure brand & MPS - Go into your IT room and look around, do you see the name of your preferred printers and copies? Copiers are like computers now and have recently been the target of hacking. Decide on a trusted brand that has a history of device security and/or EHR integration. To add, your MPS should provide secure print options. 

5- Stay away from leases - Traditional copier leases typically contain a lot of small print that can get you stuck in a not ideal situation. Your MPS provider should give you the flexibility to change equipment as your print needs change, so no lease offer with no capital expense is ideal. 

 Connect with us for more information on any of these items, or to learn more on how TotalPrint USA already meets and exceeds these 5 points successfully in the healthcare industry

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