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MSPs: Why you absolutely must support your customer's Printers and Copiers.

Posted by Steve Lastic on Jun 14, 2022 11:48:23 AM




Have you seen the latest trend?  Copier companies are offering IT Managed Services to their customers and stealing MSP's accounts.  Copier companies can easily justify this and get customers to buy in by explaining that having all the printers, copiers, and IT Services all under one umbrella eliminates all the finger pointing between the MSP and Copier Company.  Which happens a lot.  Don't let a copier company steal your customer accounts.

What can you do about it?  Partner with TotalPrint USA and support your customer's existing printers and copiers and generate MRR without ever touching a printer or copier.  You will also be able to offer new printers and copiers to your customers as well.  Either way.  You will generate MRR for the life of the account.

By offering TotalPrint USA's Managed Print Services, you instantly become one of the largest Managed Print Services providers in the US, providing top brands such as HP, Canon, Konica Minolta, and Kyocera.

Additionally, our nationwide service footprint is by far the largest in US.  You will never have to deal with a printer or copier issue again or even touch one.  We handle it all.  And best of all, you earn MRR for the life of the account.

Our program offers:

  • No Up Front Costs to your customers.
  • No long term leases to sign.
  • OEM Toner, onsite service, parts, and helpdesk support is included.
  • 4 hour response times.
  • Reduce the number of service calls that you have to deal with.  Issues with printers and copiers account for as much as 30% of all service calls that MSPs experience.
  • TotalPrint USA will never be in the MSP business so you never have to worry about us being a threat in your customer's accounts.  And we put that in writing to you.

To Learn More, click the the Become a Partner Link below.

Managed Print Services for MSPs


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