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Secure Printing and Pull Printing as a Service

Posted by Steve Lastic on Aug 27, 2020 9:03:25 AM

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When it comes to Secure Printing and Pull Printing, TotalPrint USA has you covered.  We are the leaders in implementing Secure Printing and Pull Printing solutions. Through our volume purchasing and close relationship with our partners, we can now offer you Secure and Pull Printing as a Service for an extremely low monthly fee.

What is Secure Printing and Pull Printing?  This is a way to keep all your printed documents secure and safe.  Instead of users sending print jobs to the printer where they will sit in the output bin for anyone to see or take, Secure Printing means that the print job will be stored and not printed until the users goes to the printer and releases the print job with a PIN Number or their employee ID Badge.  With Pull Printing, users can go to any printer in the organization and release their print jobs.  They are no longer locked into printing to one printer only.    

What are the benefits of Secure Printing and Pull Printing?  Most importantly, it keeps sensitive and confidential documents safe.  If you are a Healthcare provider or in the Healthcare Industry, Secure Print is a must to be HIPAA compliant.  These documents will no longer sit in the printer's output bin for anyone to see or take.  Secondly, it reduces costs.  When a Secure Print solution is implemented, companies will find that many of the documents that are sent to a printer are never released and printed.  Therefore, the company is not charged for the prints that are left in the printer's output bin and ultimately get thrown away.  Third, you also get many other features included such as mobile printing, extensive reporting, user auditing, user usage tracking, and much more.  Finally, it reduces the need to have personal printers.  HR managers, Healthcare organizations, and financial organizations all tend to have a personal printer next to the user so that their sensitive print jobs are not sitting on a printer for everyone to see.  With Secure Printing, they can now send their documents to a departmental printer and know that their documents are not going to be viewed by unauthorized people.  Thus greatly reducing the number of printers an organization needs.

Secure printing is easy to implement and easy for your end users to use.  They simply print their documents like normal and then walk over to the printer and swipe their employee ID badge and their documents will print.  Even if you do not use ID Badges, Secure print can be setup to use a PIN Number or mobile phones to release the documents.  Secure print can also be setup to prompt the end user whether they just want to print their documents directly to the printer or have them stored to be released later.  Basically giving you the best of both worlds.  

To see how TotalPrint USA can help you with all your Secure printing needs, contact us at 855-915-1300 or email us at

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