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Toner Coverage - Why a fixed cost per page is better.

Posted by Steve Lastic on Mar 14, 2021 11:50:43 AM



You might be surprised to find out that you are probably already paying 2 to 3 times your toner cost per page and don’t even know it.  Do you know what percentage of page coverage is used to calculate the published page yield of a toner cartridge – the answer is 5%.  

Have you ever wondered why you never get the number of pages that the toner cartridge says you should?    When you buy a toner cartridge and it says that the you will get 12,000 pages from it, this is  based on 5% toner coverage.   If you are using 10% coverage, you will get half the number pages out of the same toner cartridge.  A toner cartridge rated at a yield of 12,000 pages now becomes a 6,000 page yield toner cartridge.   Essentially doubling your toner cost per page.

Wondering what 5% toner coverage looks like? Imagine taking a black marker and coloring in the corner of a letter-size piece of paper representing what you believe to be just 5% of the total area. It isn’t much, is it?

Toner Coverage


On the low side, most businesses tend to print 10% – 15% coverage on black and white documents and 15% – 30% coverage when printing in color. Of course, printing just 10% coverage in black and white will double your costs and color becomes exponentially more expensive because you’re using toner from four different toner cartridges to produce colored text or an image.

Our Managed Print Services program offers a fixed cost per page. You pay the same cost per page no matter what coverage that you are using.  If you are buying your own toner cartridges, you are paying more per page anytime you go over 5% coverage.  

The immediate financial benefits that a fixed cost-per-page model provides without asking end-users to change their printing behaviors are:

  • Immediate Cost Savings
  • Expense Control
  • Budget Predictability

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