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TotalPrint USA Simplifies Printing and MFP Integration with your Epic and Cerner Healthcare Software

Posted by Steve Lastic on Feb 25, 2019 11:43:52 AM



What if you could:

  • Eliminate costly printing problems and clinical disruptions?
  • Save more than $500,000 for every 1000 managed printers—money that can now help you meet Meaningful Use criteria?
  • Reduce the number of printing-related support calls by 60% to 80%, freeing up your IT department to work on EMR projects?
  • Generate a three-year return on investment (ROI) of 310% and a six-month payback?

In large Healthcare organizations, a reliable system to print Epic or Cerner documents is needed to ensure that physician orders, patient wristbands, prescriptions, and other critical output reach their intended recipients. Customers require solutions to manage Epic and Cerner output that are powerful and reliable yet simple to implement and maintain. Solutions that seek to improve patient care by reducing the risk of Epic and Cerner print problems.

In addition, due to HIPAA requirements, Healthcare organizations also need Secure Print to protect sensitive patient data from just sitting on a printer for others to see.  Secure Print allows the user to send a print job to the printer and the print job will not be printed until the user walks up to the printer and releases it using a password, PIN number, employee badge, or other form of authentication.  This ensures that the person who printed the documents is the one who is getting the printed documents.  

TotalPrint USA has you covered. Through out partnership with HP and LRS Output Solutions, we can provide you with a complete end to end turnkey solution that takes all the headaches out of printing, document management, and Secure Printing in your Epic or Cerner environment.

Our solutions provides features that lower the cost of managing clinical and business content:

 Assured document delivery – Integrates with healthcare applications to verify document status for better, faster patient care with fewer help desk calls

 Electronic forms support – Tightly integrates with electronic forms solutions to eliminate the need for costly pre-printed forms and tamper-proof paper

 Simple configuration – Browser-based printer configuration streamlines system administration

 Multi-application support – Consolidates output from healthcare applications, Windows servers, and other systems for a cost-effective, central point of control Customer benefits of our solution includes:

 Improved patient care – Fewer printing problems occur, which means faster delivery of critical healthcare documents

 Better regulatory compliance – Secure document delivery features help with HIPAA and Meaningful Use requirements

 Lower costs – Fewer printing problems means fewer costly help desk calls; electronic document delivery features help reduce total pages printed

 Improved downtime reporting – Gives clinicians access to MARs and other critical reports during planned or unplanned downtime events

LRS Output Management Software provides a scalable, full-featured environment for managing all of your patient records and back office documents. Acting as a central point of document control, the software captures documents from any application, converts the data to a printer-ready format, and reliably delivers it to the target device or destination.

Administrators can quickly detect and address hardware or network-related printing errors from an intuitive web interface. Full-featured print audit and tracking functions are available to aid in compliance and cost reduction efforts.

The LRS solution lets end-users view critical healthcare content via mobile devices and/or release sensitive documents to departmental multifunction printers (MFPs) for secure printing. LRS software helps customers get maximum value from their HP output devices and prevents costly business disruptions in order to save you money.

For more information on how TotalPrint USA can help you with your Epic or Cerner printing and document management, contact us today at 855-915-1300 or

Contact TotalPrint USA for more information!

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