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What is one thing that Covid-19 taught us about the copier and managed print services industry?

Posted by Steve Lastic on Sep 3, 2020 12:09:01 PM





It taught customers to never sign a managed print services or copier agreement where they are committed to a certain number of clicks included every month. That’s right.  Customers are realizing that it is not in their best interests to do an agreement or contract where they are committing to paying for a certain number of clicks included every month.  When I say clicks included, I mean the number of copies and prints that a customer commits to printing and copying every month and therefore committing to paying for those copies and prints every month whether they use them or not.


Just imagine how many clicks included went unused across the US in the past 8 months because of Covid-19. And here’s the dirty little secret. When you don’t use these clicks, this is pure profit for the Copier and Managed Print Services Companies who use this type of pricing model. And that’s what they count on. Even without Covid-19, many companies have periods where they have slower months and various reasons where printing and copying is less during that month. Regardless, you are still committed to printing and copying the number of clicks included that you agreed to.  Regardless of the circumstances.  This is where you are just throwing money down the drain paying for something that you never get.




And guess what, when they say that their cost per print is .005, I can tell you it is much more when you average out how many clicks you actually use versus what you paid in total for those clicks. Let’s do some simple math here. To make things simple we are going to use an example where you are paying a CPP (Cost Per Page) of 1 penny per page.  An example might be where you you are in an agreement getting 1000 clicks included on a printer for $10.00. That basically works out to a penny a page. Now, if you only printed 800 pages, you are now paying a CPP of .0125.  That's a  25% increase in your CPP and you don't even realize it is happening.  And the less you print, the higher the CPP.  If you only printed one page that month, your CPP is $10.00. 




You will hear all kinds of claims that if you commit to a certain number of clicks, we can offer you a lower CPP. And the more that you commit to, the lower the CPP will be. Or they may tell you, based on your volume, our deal includes a certain number of clicks per machine because it will be cheaper for you in the long run. These are all ploys to get you to commit to a certain amount of click each month so that the managed print services and copier companies are guaranteed a certain amount of revenue every month.   And here's the kicker.  To reward you for committing to all those clicks included, any prints or copies that you go over will typically be charged at a higher rate.  Even if you printed and copied less than your clicks included for every month for the past year, when you go over by one page in a month, you will pay for each and every page after your clicks included.  There is no rollover or credit for clicks not used in previous month.  It is a use it or lose it deal and it is a no win situation.


Well, let me tell you. You do not need to get into these types of agreements and contracts to get the best CPP.  TotalPrint USA’s Managed Print Services Program only charges you for what you use.  We never make you commit to a certain volume each month.  And never charge you for clicks you never use.  Plus, our CPP is typically lower than most of our competitors.  And that's without committing to a certain number of clicks each month.


We also never use escalators in any of our agreements.  What is an escalator you may ask?  Well, it is those pesky little hidden clauses in the agreements and contracts that says you will have an increase in your CPP each and every year.  Something else that you should never agree to.


If you want the best deal and best company to manage all of your copiers and printers, TotalPrint USA is your company.  We focus on reducing Operating Costs instead of Selling Equipment.  Do yourself a favor and let us manage all your printers and copiers.  We will take all the headaches and burdens of managing your entire printer and copier fleet off of you and your staff.  Your IT Department will definitely Thank You as well.  Check us out at



TotalPrint USA is the Industry Leader when it Comes to Secure Printing.  Ask us how we can help provide a complete end to end Secure Print solution for your organization.

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