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Why Your Brand Needs High-Quality Printers to Attract Customers

Posted by Steve Lastic on Apr 6, 2023 3:44:00 AM

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For businesses that rely on quality printed materials, their printers need to be of equivalent quality to continue to appeal to their customers. From flyers and posters to essential documents or full-color pictures, the appearance of the printed material your company produces can directly reflect the status of your company to clients and other consumers.

One of the best ways to continue producing top-quality printed materials is to rent or lease the printers you need. Choosing commercial printers for lease or rent gives customers several distinct advantages for their company and printing needs.

Why is the Print Medium Important For Your Brand?

In a world dominated by technology and digital advertising mediums, receiving a physical, printed item can help a company stand out. Brochures, business cards, flyers, magazines, and newspapers are still some of the most critical marketing pieces and information a business can pass to its customers.

People Spend More Time With Print Than Digital Media

Whether by virtue of it being a physical object or because the information is more readily displayed and available, print media can capture the attention of audiences and individuals. Even with the digital media’s reach, advertisers and businesses recognize that consumers are still interested in something they can touch and hold. Plus, they’re more likely to refer to printed material than look for the same information on a website or digital medium.

Quality Printing Helps You Stand Out

Of course, the better the printed material looks and feels, the more likely the customer will engage and retain what they’ve been given. Bright colors, sharp lines, and clear verbiage can all contribute to the customer’s interest in the printed material.

Printed materials can also give your business a competitive edge as a brand. You can physically put your branding and logo into a customer’s hands. This kind of physical takeaway has a way of resonating with customers after the fact.

Create Awareness More Effectively

Suppose a company or brand wants to highlight an aspect of their business; in that case, printed materials are an excellent method for effectively spotlighting their area of concern. Printed materials are immediately scanned by our eyes when we receive them and are more likely to be reviewed later, further connecting them with the audience. And you don’t have to log in to see the printed materials, either.

Promote Brand Loyalty

Unique visual designs seem to capture and hold consumers’ attention effectively. Once consumers focus on the materials a brand produces, they're more likely to remember the brand too favorably. Customers tend to trust printed materials as more straightforward and honest in portraying information or products.

Some experts believe that producing printed materials conveys to customers that your brand is inherently more truthful. It may be the extra effort of printing or the physical interactions that occur when a consumer takes the materials. Either way, the process will likely keep more customers engaged for longer than digital media can or will.

Print Feels More Personal to the Customers

Many customers see printed materials as an extra feature many businesses don’t have to offer. Therefore, when they do, the customer will likely consider the printed material inherently created for them.

Connecting the emotional to the physical has always been an essential marketing and advertising method. That’s why many fast food companies offer promotional items that customers will likely keep. Commemorative cups, toys, or other promotional materials have all been shown to be highly effective for creating positive emotions about a brand.

Better Information Retention

Undoubtedly, digital media is a juggernaut of information and entertainment, and humans can’t seem to get enough of it. We spend nearly seven hours a day on the internet. Unfortunately, much of that time is spent quickly scanning information and moving to the next shiny object that catches our attention.

Even though the popularity of print email in digital media is waning, printed words and pictures still tend to keep people engaged for extended periods. The physical nature of print means consumers can’t quickly swipe to the next page. They are also more likely to remember what they read in print than digital.

Retention is ultimately what matters, too. Seeing thousands of digital media pages tends to dull or blur the information that was actually digested. On the other hand, print allows consumers to spend more time reading, reflecting, and remembering the information.

Adds a Tactile Sense to Your Brand

One of the points we’ve been consistently including is how the physical and tactile nature of printed materials seems to capture and hold consumers’ attention so well.

If a brand or product only really exists in the digital world or a digital form, many consumers dismiss it as not real. Conversely, seeing and touching printed material tends to break down the boundary between believable and not.

Even the tactile sense of how the card, flyer, or brochure feels in a person’s hands can profoundly affect their perception of the printed material and the company producing it.

Tips For Creating Print Media For Your Brand

Choosing the right materials to promote and build your brand should be carefully considered to determine the most impactful methods for your company.

Stay on Brand

A mainstay of marketing and advertising strategy, offering clear and concise information helps to convey your message the best. Keep it simple and on brand. Focus on what the brand offers or represents and stick with the message. Printed materials help to drive home the main ideas of a brand.

Use High-Quality Ink

Saving money is vital for businesses, but cutting too many corners can make the product or brand look cheap. With printed materials, a blurry or unclear image or message can undermine the entire print media process.

By using high-quality ink, consumers are ensured that their printed material will appear sharp and clear and won’t fade too quickly. Consumers will also recognize when a company does or doesn’t scrimp on things. Going cheap on things like printed materials is often seen as a signal of the quality of the rest of the company.

Use a CTA

Although a long-standing marketing technique, initiating action with slogans like “act now” still conveys a message of urgency to the consumer. Using this technique with printed media sends an even more dramatic statement. It must be important or time-sensitive if the company took the time to print it.

Make Yourself Stand-Out

Printed materials make it possible to connect with consumers in ways many haven’t seen before. Keep in mind there is an entire group of consumers who have grown up with digital media. Handing out physically printed material can feel more personal and memorable. Brightly colored printed materials are eye-catching for longer than a digital page.

Understand Your Customer

Print and digital media both have their benefits for marketing and advertising. Your business has to determine what kind of customers you currently have and which ones you are looking to attract. Customers are motivated in different ways and won’t all react the same. By offering both mediums, it’s possible to gauge which impacts your company and its customers more.

Use Quality Copywriting

Copywriting allows businesses to connect more closely and align with their target audiences. By offering messages which resonate with your audience, copywriting looks to move beyond simple advertising and focus on what customers relate to. Creating unique and shareable content, aligning products with modern consumer concerns, and sharing what makes your brand unique are all features of quality copywriting.

Print and Share

Capturing and holding customers' attention is the goal of every business and can be achieved in more than one way. Print media is one of many successful methods for generating customer interaction.

If you’re looking to improve your print media results but aren’t quite ready to purchase printers, it may be time to consider printer rental or leasing options. At TotalPrint USA, we recognize the importance of offering high-quality printers without the commitment of purchasing outright.

Our experienced team can help determine the short- and long-term printer fit for your business. Contact us today to find out which options will work best for you.

Contact TotalPrint USA for more information!

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